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The "science" of the CV

Updated: May 29, 2020

Remember, the person reading your CV is a person, like you. They have a job to do. They are measured on results. They depend on their boss recognising their worth.

What makes you continue to read something that is put in front of you? The same things as the person who has just opened your CV.

Basic human reaction is governed by interest derived, attention gained and experience in absorbing the given material that may or may not be of benefit to us.

So, what “science” do we need to apply to the CV that gains interest, keeps attention, and meets the criterion needed to stand out?

The answer is there is no one answer. There certainly is no hidden science relating to subliminal keywords, fantastical fonts, and funky timelines. The “science,” if you can call it as such, relates to basic levers and mechanisms that you need to pull to gain the response you seek. So, what are the vital elements to consider when constructing a CV or utilising a professional to craft your CV?

First Impressions!

Why is the first 5 seconds of meeting someone SO talked about? Because that is when you weigh them up both consciously and more importantly, sub-consciously.

Are they professional, vibrant, trustworthy? Is this the type of person you would want to work with, have a drink with, invest with etc. These early indicators almost always shape later interactions (or lack there-of).

A hiring manager reading your CV effectively ‘meets’ you for the first time. They formulate an opinion about you and weigh up your potential within seconds. Rightly or wrongly this happens much quicker than anyone could read the contents of your CV. Ergo, making the right first impression with your CV is make or break time!

So, make your CV a “pleasure” to read.

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