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Should I use a CV Writing Service? How does it Work?

Updated: May 29, 2020

At CV-Response we are often asked about the actual process of CV creation and how it works for our clients. So let us explain and demonstrate that the actual process is not a chore (for you) and by means of collaboration ensures you receive a CV that represents you and your worth to an organisation that will set you apart.

The objective of this post is to quickly and succinctly explain how our CV writing service works, what your involvement is and a couple of factors to consider when deciding if you should consult with a CV writing consultant.

So, let’s begin…

The key to remember is that it is a collaborative process and involves you! Would you want it any other way…? Remember, a document that magically appears because of a “secret formula” does not exist. Our process is clear, transparent, and designed to meet the highest standards available to you.

5 key steps sum up the process:

1) You decide our consultancy is for you. Our specialism is within the sales executive, sales manager, commercial director style of role, but not pigeonholed to those specific roles. Think commercial business development... This is born out of two decades of being in these roles and recruiting individuals like you. In other words, we have been the ones receiving good and bad CVs (also “resumes” in North America) for many years. We know what gets and keeps attention.

2) Current CV review and feedback. Your existing CV is a starting point but that is it. The process is to create not just reconfigure. A thorough CV review is undertaken with a view to identifying what is good, what is not so good and what/if you need to improve. Feedback is provided within 24 hours by means of a structured feedback document with some advice, tips, and recommendations.

3) Research and Discovery. Arguably the most important element to the process. This involves you. Understanding more about your experience and skills coupled with your ambition and the role you seek is key to crafting a bespoke document that whilst bespoke, can also be adjusted depending on the role you are applying for. Either a telephone or emailed consultation is carried out before pen put to paper (should be word doc put to printer…)

4) Document draft, craft, and check. An initial draft of your new CV is created and shared with you. Tone of voice and flow needs to suit you and your background. Before this is sent it is passed from your specific writing consultant to a quality check consultant. Additional options and amendments are discussed as well as structure, grammar and layout finalised.

5) Delivery edit and feedback. A Word and pdf document is sent to you for final check and approval by you. If you wish to make any changes, we are happy to review these amendments and provide feedback. It is your document after all.

This involves many hours of work to ensure you have a CV that you are proud of. Your involvement is in providing insights into your career to date and where you wish to take it. Giving as much detail about your desired role and/or company you wish to approach is also vital.

So, to end this discussion, reflect upon three key factors to consider when choosing a CV writing service:

1) Who will be writing my CV? Have they been on “the other side of the desk themselves…?

2) Is the process one that I am happy working within?

3) Does the consultancy specialise in my field and area of expertise or do they write for anyone?

Should you use a CV writing service? That depends. Why not learn more at before making that decision

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