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Is it worth getting a CV professionally written?

Updated: May 29, 2020

Everyday thousands of CVs are emailed, posted, and uploaded in the hope that the content therein will resonate with a hiring manager. In the modern world visual and contextual styling is more important than ever. In years gone by, almost all CVs would have the same type (writer) font, descriptive sentences and references detailed.

Today’s world whilst having the same core human drivers demands a professional presentation for professional potential.

No one knows your USPs better than you do! However, a professional CV consultants’ expertise is in creating a memorable CV that has impact and gets you the response you seek. They work with you to craft a CV that meets the demands of split-second assumptions and determinations that people make.

A warning though, claims of interview success and volume of job offers are not within the realm of a professional CV consultant. Think about it for a second, how on earth can that be substantiated? You may have the best experience, fantastic tenure within an industry and all the qualifications the hiring manager could wish for…but if you don’t translate that in your CV and subsequently in interview you won’t get the offer. Our job is to get you noticed and to resonate with the hiring manager as someone who needs to be engaged with further. How? Initially by highlighting and capitalising on your strengths, key wins and real value to a potential employer. That is the start. But so is the presentation, ease of reading and credibility build which is among many factors that a good CV consultant will deliver.

Please REMEMBER...when utilising a professional CV consultant what you are actually investing in is not a's the response you desire!

Remember, if your CV is already in great shape, a good consultant will tell you and work with you to uncover alternative means of progressing your job search. An initial review of your CV is critical along with a consult on your aims and objectives. For an impartial, confidential and free critique of your current CV please go to which will help you to determine whether to utilise a professional CV consultant

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