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How Do I Write a Good CV

To answer that question we need to consider the demands your CV has to meet. This post is not about the specific document content or format. Other posts will look at some critical factors to be aware of. This post discussed the very reason why we all need to be represented (in this case by means of a CV) in the most professional manner possible!

That then can help inform how to write a “good” CV…

People are headhunted and/or hired for one main reason; to solve a problem.

That may seem an odd way to view a proactive hire, but an organisation will only commit significant expenditure if it leads to barriers being removed, doors opened, and problems solved resulting in commercial growth.

Why hire a Sales Director? Without one the long-term strategy and order book will be directionless.

Why hire a Business Development Executive? Without, new markets and customers will be lost. Both present a “problem.”

A professionally written CV should quickly and emotively shout out the reasons why YOU can solve a problem. It must do more than “just” list what you have done in the past.

Interview questions will probe your competencies including the challenges you have faced, the steps that YOU took to overcome them and the output of your actions. Your ability to convey this in a compelling and credible way is vital. However, your CV also needs to deliver this, but at both application stage and subsequent interviews. A good CV will capture the essence of why the role exists and what most likely the recruiter seeks. It must match your key wins and skills to real world as well as implied problems that need solving.

Grammar, keywords, format, and “readability” are all a given. Or they should be! To write a “good CV” takes time and insight into current hiring trends as well as tapping into human response mechanisms. That is not meant to sound techy and part of a secret science…we just want to highlight what really is critical! At CV-Response your CV will be written by a consultant/s that have been on “the opposite side of the desk,” who have hired many professionals like you to solve a business problem. In our 21st century soundbite society your CV has even more demands to meet. You too need to demand a CV that meets them.

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