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Free CV Review: How does it work?

Your CV review is designed to allow us to gain a first insight into your unique selling points and career history as well as to ascertain the potential for improvement. The fact that you have requested a free CV review indicates that you are not 100% certain that your CV is optimal so we want to understand where you feel it may be lacking.

Please remember, it is NOT just about content that can be improved (and often added). ​The CV review assesses how your successes and career journey are presented. Does it build value and go beyond just the facts and figures. Will your CV currently read in a way that would compel me to contact you for an interview? If not, why not...?

How does it work?

We study your CV and provide an honest first impression. This is the first element to get right! You will also receive some initial ideas that you can consider, including keywords to include and formatting.

The CV review will answer three key questions:

1) Readability: The CV is your first chance (and sometimes only chance) to make a superb first impression. Can I read it as a hiring manager with ease and fluidity resulting in a positive first insight into you as a candidate?

2) Credence and content: Are your skills, successes and experience put over to me in a way that I buy into and believe? You say you are professional, well does your CV present you as a consummate pro?

3) Language used: Does the CV contain phrases, verbs and sentence structures that resonate with me as a hiring manager who is tasked with recruiting the right person?

As part of our CV review process we promise to be frank about the good and not so good elements on your current CV. This stage usually takes between 1-2 hours. ​ A caveat: If your CV is in great shape, we will tell you! There may be other reasons or options that we could offer or explore. Please go to and read further about our CV writing service and the credentials and experience that enable us to create CVs that get you response!

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