And some general advice before starting..

Why utilise a professional CV consultant?

No one knows your USPs better than you do! However, our expertise is in creating a memorable CV that has impact.  Highlighting and capitalising on your strengths, key wins and value will make your CV stand out to hiring managers. REMEMBER....what you're actually investing in is not a document...it's the response you desire!  

Remember, if your CV is already in great shape, we will tell you.

Some CV services will write me a CV in 24 hours, for less than £40. Why pay more...?

Quick budget document creation is available as you no doubt have seen, but that is not what we offer.  Your CV is the lens through which potential employers see you!  We do not sell speed or lowest price. It's too important to rush!
CV Response specialise in working with career minded individuals who need a CV that propels them in front of the competition.

A professionally researched and written CV takes many hours to complete and our fees reflect a sustainable and justifiable hourly rate.

How does the LinkedIn profile creation work?

Very similar to the CV writing process. We carry out an initial review and feedback. Most clients prefer for a profile revamp/rewrite rather than profile creation. This ensures all contacts and history is maintained. Profiles need to paint the picture through narrative whilst utilising similar phrasing and keywords as your CV needs. Remember, your LI profile is NOT an online CV!

We can either create an HTML template  or word document that you can use to improve your LinkedIn visibility, persona and brand.

My role is commercial but not classed as sales. Can you help?

Why do I need to complete an initial consult or questionnaire?

How does the actual CV writing work?

In most instances yes! We specialise in CV creation for clients in a variety of commercial roles. We don't pigeon hole anyone by job title. Our expertise is in helping you differentiate your achievements to first be noticed, and then to assist through the selection process. Whether you are a Sales Director or Customer Support Adviser.

The research and consultation we carry out prior to first draft is pivotal in creating a professionally written CV. Without this step we would merely be revamping what you already have and would lack insight into the factors that will make you stand out and present as a professional. This includes gaining an understanding of future ambition and roles desired.

This is described on the ABOUT US page. The key to remember is that it is a collaborative process and involves you!

5 key steps sum up the process:

1) You decide our consultancy is for you.

2) Current CV review and feedback.

3) Research and Discovery.

4) Document draft, craft and check.

5) Delivery, edit and feedback.

This involves many hours of work to ensure you have a CV that you are proud of.